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Nitro RC Gas Cars

Stun your competition with the bold Shockwave 1/10 scale. While on the track or just bashing around at home, it will handle all your off road 4wd RC adventures with its powerful nitro 2.67cc Vertex engine, aluminum capped shocks, composite disc brakes and much more. Get started in this exciting hobby with the Shockwave Buggy!

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Nitro Gas On Road RC Car

The 1/10 Scale Lightning STR RC nitro car will light up any track like the Fourth of July!  Its Vertex VX-16 power is transferred through a centrifugally shifted two-speed transmission to all four wheels for massive acceleration, while a beefy but lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, disc brakes, aluminum capped oil filled shocks provide exceptional crisp handling. The Lightning is truly a nitro-fueled, pavement-pounding terror in the RC world!

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Nitro Gas RC Truck (2 Speed)

A 2-Speed sealed transmission, explosive SH .18 3.00cc Nitro engine & slide carburetor make the Caldera 3.0 a volatile mini Mount St. Helens on or off the track. Faster acceleration leads to high octane excitement with this 4X4 monster truck equipped with aluminum alloy chassis, 4 big bore oil filled aluminum capped shocks , polycarbonate bash-resistant body, composite disc brakes and much more. This bold and aggressive 4X4 nitro monster trucks command attention with major MAGMA-tude! 

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Brushless RC Truck

The Volcano EXP PRO is an electrifying four-wheel drive monster truck that is ready to run right out of the box! Get started in this exciting hobby with this bold radio controlled electric vehicle, complete with an electric brushless 540 motor, forward/reverse transmission, four wheel drive, high torque servo and a two channel 2.4GHz radio. Equipped with an aggressively styled polycarbonate body scheme, huge soft compound RC off road tread, aluminum body oil filled shocks, battery and charger, this vehicle is a mini eruption of enjoyment for any level RC enthusiast. Add 8 AA batteries to the remote and you are ready to conquer the toughest terrain!

Now includes Waterproof Electronics! (ESC, Servo, Receiver)

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Brushless RC Motors

 The most important thing to know about Brushless RC motors is that they are capable of producing WAY MORE torque and RPMs/Speed than a standard brushed motor while still being more efficient.Brushless RC cars are capable of moving fast as a nitro RC cars or even faster depend on what motor and esc you car stock.Volcano EXP PRO is a very nice choice in Brushless RC Trucks.

1/10 Scale Electric 



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